What diversity looks like

Explore some of the different facets of diversity—both visible and invisible—and how to bring them to life with art and copy. For practical purposes, we’re discussing them as distinct categories, in relatively broad strokes, although they often overlap. Use this guide as a starting point and keep learning. The more nuanced your understanding of diversity is, the more authentic and inclusive your marketing can be.

Supporting inclusive creative

Writing creative briefs

Like all great creative, inclusive marketing begins with the brief.

Rethink your briefs

Making it accessible

You’re doing the work. Now make sure everyone can experience it.

Read about accessibility

Evaluating your work

Wondering how your creative measures up? An audit may be the answer.

Learn about DE&I audits

76% of people think advertising can affect how we see one another.1

72% of people feel that most advertising does not reflect the world around them.1

34% of people say they’ve turned their backs on brands that failed to represent them in advertising.2

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